2021 ACS On-Line Seminar

Welcome message from ACS Chairman

I would like to extend my warmest welcome to you all to ACS Seminar on Shipping and Shipbuilding 2021. Though this year’s seminar is different from the previous ones, I am so pleased to see the realization of ACS Seminar in this challenging time with the kind cooperation of our excellent partners from Asian Shipowners’ Association (ASA) and Active Shipbuilding Experts’ Federation (ASEF) as well as all ACS Members. I strongly believe that maintaining such a good channel for sharing knowledge would help us overcome the difficulties together. Thank you very much for joining us and please enjoy ACS Seminar.

Hiroaki Sakashita, ACS Chairman

Introduction to ACS Seminar 2021

ACS organizes regular technical seminars in the Asian region. This year, the ACS Seminar on Shipping and Shipbuilding will be held online through ACS website, due to COVID-19 pandemic. The online seminar will last for a period of two months wherein presentation videos will be hosted on ACS website from August to September 2021.

The Seminar will focus on topics of safety, environmental protection, digitalization and recent international regulatory developments relating to shipping and shipbuilding, which will be presented by maritime professionals from the member societies of ACS, as well as guest speakers from ASA and ASEF.

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Presentation List


Presentation Topic



Recent regulatory developments at the IMO

Tomonori Hiratsuka
ACS TMG Chairman


Energy Saving Devices for EEXI Improvements

Sangyeob KIM
Deputy Senior Surveyor, KR


Outcome of ACS PT - Fire and Evacuation Analysis

Akula Chaturvedi
Surveyor, IRS


BWMS Commissioning Test

ANguyen Viet Phuong
Surveyor, VR


Sampling and verification of Sulphur content of fuel oil
from MARPOL Annex VI amendments adopted at MEPC75

Mohd Marby Rohani
ACS WG/Environment Member


Unmanned Bridge , the Key to MASS

Ma Jilin
Senior Engineer,Director of Intelligent
Technology and Safety Laboratory, CCS


Ship Recycling

Surveyor, BKI


ASA Perspective on the Current Shipping Policy Issues

Yuichi Sonoda
Secretary General of ASA


Design & Construction for Ship Biofouling Management

Jong woo PARK
Chairman of ASEF SWG1

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ACS Online Seminar on shipping & Shipbuilding

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List of ACS Guidelines

ACS Guidelines are to provide shipping and shipbuilding industries, especially in Asian region, with valuable information and useful practice on the maritime regulations for ship safety and environmental protection.

All ACS guidelines are published on ACS website:

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Recommendations to improve safety of domestic ferries and passenger ships

2021 - 09 - 01


Guidelines for Performing Advanced Evacuation Analysis for Passenger Ships

2020 - 08 - 08


Frequently Asked Questions on Sulphur Cap from 2020, (Rev. 1)

2019 - 08 - 06


Questionnaire to Address the Top 6 Detainable Deficiencies in the ACS Fleet

2020 - 06 - 22


Guidelines for Ships engaged on Domestic Voyages Fuelled by LNG, (Rev. 1)

2020 - 04 - 09


Guidelines for Port State Control Detention Prevention, (Rev. 1)

2020 - 11 - 04


ACS Guidelines for SCR Systems and Reductant Agent Supply, (Rev. 1)

2020 - 06 - 29


Guidance on Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan(SEEMP), (Rev. 1)

2020 - 06 - 05


Guidance to Survey/Auditor for Checking Crews Familiarity
with Shipboard Operations (Rev. 1)

2020 - 11 - 04


Comparative Analysis between IGF Code and IGC Code, (Rev. 1)

2020 - 04 - 09


ACS Guideline for SOX Emissions Compliance Plan (SECP)

2017 - 05 - 02


Updated Common MD, SDoc Format

2016 - 01 - 28


ACS Guidelines on Procurement and Installation of BWMS (Rev1)
Management System (Rev. 1)

2018 - 10 - 12


Guidelines for Control and Measurement of Noises on Board Ships

2014 - 12 - 31


Guidance on Energy Efficiency Operational Indicator (EEOI)

2014 - 10 - 10