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ACS Online Seminar on Shipping & Shipbuilding

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[ Topic 1 ] Regulatory Development:
Decarbonization and Digitalisation

[ Topic 2 ] Onboard Cyber Security

[ Topic 3 ] Outcome of ACS PT on
Domestic Ferry Safety

[ Topic 4 ] Status of Technologies and
Safety Standards for Ammonia Fueled

[ Topic 5 ] EEXI and CII Review and

[ Topic 6 ] Highlights of IMO
Environmental Regulation for Shipping

[ Topic 7 ] Advance/Development in
Autonomous Ships

[ Topic 8 ] Report on the Experience
Building Phase for the Ballast Water
Management Convention

[ Topic 9 ] ASA Perspective on External
Impacts Toward Shipping Industry

[ Topic 10 ] The Study on IMO Biofouling
Regulatory Developments

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