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Title Press Release
Writer Administrator Date 2014-07-07 Hit 1656

- Press Release -


The ACS Seminar on Shipping and Shipbuilding organized by ACS TMG (Technical Management Group) and hosted by the Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) was held in Hotel Bidakara, Jakarta on 17 June 2014.  

The Seminar, held in commemoration of the BKI 50th anniversary, was focused on safety and environmental topics as well as recent International regulatory developments bringing together more than 200 members of the Asian maritime community and regional maritime professionals.

A wide range of topics such as “Maritime Industry Trend & Regulations for Ship Safety”, “Risk-based Maintenance”, “Green Ship Technology & Regulations”, “Asian Maritime Trend and Strategy” and “FPSO and offshore technologies” were covered by the speakers from the member societies of ACS, including Chairman and members of ACS Technical Management Group (TMG) and Working Groups (WG). Further, Mr. Yuichi Sonoda, Secretary General of the ASA(Asian Shipowners’ Association), and Mr. Takeo Ui of the Kawasaki Heavy Industries  attended the seminar as the invited guest speakers from ASA and ASEF (Active Shipbuilding Experts' Federation) respectively.


* Last updated: 7 July 2014


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