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- Press Release -


The ACS (Association of Asian Classification Societies) had its 22nd Annual Executive Committee meeting in Kobe, Japan on 11~12 November 2014 under the chairmanship of Mr. Noboru Ueda, Chairman and President of the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (NK). 

The Chairman mentioned in his remark that according to the agreement at its 21st meeting to reorganize ACS, the ACS Secretariat of joint offices have been established, i.e. Administration office in Seoul, and Technical office in Shanghai with its legal entity to be registered in Shanghai. 

The Chairman also mentioned that ACS has completed its reformation of the organization to have three working groups, i.e., WG/Safety, WG/Environment, and WG/Quality, to further enhance its activities related to IMO matters, and to strengthen its technical contributions to the Asian maritime societies in collaboration with regional industry organizations like the ASA (Asian Shipowners’ Association) and the ASEF (Active Shipbuilding Experts' Federation).

Through the newly established working groups, and the TMG (Technical management group), ACS in this year has worked for the technical documents on Noise Code, SCR and BWTS, as well as updated common MD/SDoC format to help assist Asian maritime societies in their application of newly adopted IMO regulations. The groups also worked on the compilation of PSC data of member societies' registered vessels.

ACS members unanimously elected Mr. Rudiyanto, CEO and President Director of BKI as ACS Chairman for 2015.


Contact: Tae-woo Kim, ACS Secretary (Seoul +82-10-9411-2844)

* Last updated: 19 December 2014



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