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Title Press Release
Writer Administrator Date 2015-11-03 Hit 2627

Press Release


The ACS (Association of Asian Classification Societies) had its 23rd Annual Executive Committee meeting in Bali, Indonesia on 29~30 October 2015 under the chairmanship of Mr. RUDIYANTO, CEO and President Director of Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI).


The Chairman mentioned in his remark that the amended Charter and Procedures have been adopted and that ACS has enhanced its activities through its technical working groups, i.e., WG/Safety and WG/Environment to strengthen its technical contributions to the Asian shipping and shipbuilding communities.


ACS in this year has worked for the technical documents on BWM, as well as the compilation of PSC data of member societies’ registered vessels, and organized the international seminar in Danang, Vietnam to assist the maritime communities in Asia in their application of newly adopted IMO regulations.


As usual, ASF and ASEF representatives have been invited to this year’s ACS Executive Committee meeting to consider the ways for further mutual cooperation and the promotion of maritime safety and environment protection, especially in the Asian region.


ACS members unanimously elected Mr. Bum-shik Park, Chairman and CEO of KR as ACS Chairman for 2016. Mr. Park stresses that ACS will focus and promote on more technical works throughout ACS organization and further develop close working relationships with Asian maritime organizations.

Contact: Tae-woo Kim, ACS Secretary (Seoul +82-70-4916-8140)



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