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Title Press Release
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Press Release

On 1st February 2020, the ACS (Association of Asian Classification Societies) celebrates its 10th anniversary. The ACS was formalized in 2010 as a technical association of classification societies in Asia.
Founding members were BKI, CCS, IRS, KR NK and VR. In 2017, SCM
was admitted as a new member of ACS and now the ACS consists of 7 members.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary, ACS Chairman Mr. Rudiyanto, CEO and President Director of BKI said that ACS will pursue consistent improvement of ACS Members’ performance and their technical contributions to the Asian maritime community. He also stressed ACS roles to promote regional maritime safety and environmental protection and importance to strengthen interactions and cooperation with Asian shipping and shipbuilding industry as well as Administrations in Asia.

Chairing society, BKI announced that the 10th anniversary ceremony will be held in conjunction with upcoming ACS TMG meeting and in August, ACS seminar will be held to commemorate the 10th anniversary. In addition, to commemorate the 10th anniversary, the specially designed 10th anniversary logo of ACS was released and will be used in 2020. 


Contact: Jeong-chong JEON, ACS Secretary

(Seoul +82-70-4916-8140, E-mail:    


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