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Title 7. Ship Recycling
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H. R. Ardyanto (alva.romeo26@gmail.com)

How exactly we address the importance of ship recycling, as part of the shipping company business practice? How do we elaborate long-term benefit analysis in this matter?

abdul kholick (abdulkholick@gmail.com)

How the role of BKI on Ship Recycling in Indonesia?
where there are still many Ship Recycling companies that do not have a permit and according to standards. To my knowledge there are only 2 locations that already have permits, while some locations do not have permits, do not understand the rules and do not have competent human resources.

Catur Achiryanto Anwarudin (cachiryanto@gmail.com)

How improve traditional ship recycling become compliance recycling yard in several developing country? Some recycling Bussines just a small & medium enterprises (SMEs)

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